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Are you a 
single or divorced, value your self-development and would love to ATTRACT someone extraordinary, like no other partner you have met before?  And BUILD the most loving and happiest relationship of your life?

  • Exhausted of the dating game, fed up of investing your time, emotions and energy with the wrong dates or relationships that don't work.
  •  You no longer want to keep making the same relationship mistakes.  
  •  You would really love to settle down with your Mr or Mrs Right, your soulmate, life-partner, with someone you can build a rewarding, healthy relationship with.
  •  If you are looking for answers that DO WORK!   Sign up for your FREE 7 Day trial right NOW. You will discover the absolute golden nuggets to shift your awareness before you go looking or feel ready to start a new relationship.  You will immediately recognise someone who is right for you!
  •  Don't wait to be ready! I cannot stress enough. If you're single, you don't have to be looking or in the right emotional space to start this program. It is absolutely the perfect time right now to discover a new perspective and the insight that will accelerate your future choices BEFORE you start to seriously date or meet someone!
  •  When you Sign-up you will discover the first 2 CRITICAL STEPS you MUST GET RIGHT!  That will alter the course of your life to RECOGNISE and ATTRACT someone who will jump out to you. Instinctively you will recognise if someone is aligned mentally and emotionally to develop a stronger relationship together with you!
  •  To meet someone extraordinary, you need to become extraordinary.  You can hope to meet someone you really like, but you also need to the attract the right calibre partner to you!  This program will show you how!
  •  To accelerate your experience, you also have a variety of 1 and 2 Day programs available. If you prefer confidentiality and exclusivity, you can also book this program 1-2-1 , or with a group of likeminded women. Go to LoveCoachingYou.com.
Client Testimonials 
Consultant, Bucks

Separated or divorcing?
  • Perhaps you are feeling upset, angry, stressed and overwhelmed with the reality of separating or your relationship ending. 
  •  May be you want to heal your heart, mind and body and learn how to live again as a single person and get your life back on track!
  •  Where ever you are, NOW is the perfect time to start this program!  You will break down your overwhelm to guide you forward on your next steps as you take time to heal your heart you could strengthen your emotional happiness.    
  •  You will discover how to take a new and different approach NOW  to avoid repeating the same relationship mistakes to build a brighter future for you and your children  if you have a family.
  •  You will discover the proven techniques and exercises that work combined with the  SECRETS and wisdom to breakdown your overwhelm to accelerate your recovery journey.
  •   You will REFOCUS and RETHINK what's important to you, as youREBUILD your  foundations to your new life!
  •  Consider this program as your relationship MOT. It will also give you the insight to identify your obstacles, what you are possibly doing to sabotage your relationship  you may not even be aware of.  You will certainly repeat the same mistakes so take time out to understand your part of any relationship breakdown.
  •  To accelerate your happiness you also have a variety of 1 and 2 Day programs available.   If you prefer confidentiality and exclusivity, you can also book this program 1-2-1, or with  a group of likeminded women.  Go to LoveCoachingYou.com.
  •  This program is NOT therapy! It will empower you to figure out what is holding you back to RESHAPE or REBUILD  your future!
Suzy - Divorce Strategist 
West Sussex

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My Promise
  •  You will become empowered to understand how your mind, body, energy (and emotions) will truly support you. When you see a new perspective your life and relationship journey will change in an unbelieveable way!
  •  With a background in marketing, I left my career, retrained to become an accredited EmotionalTransformation and Relationship Recovery Coach, Mentor. Also qualified and experienced in 5 different interventions to understand how your mind controls your body and energy for life-changing results.  have now created a unique and combined F.I.N.D. 4 Step Methodology to truly accelerate your relationship happiness, success and recovery journey.
  •  What you learn on this program took me 20 years to figure out so you don't have to!  You will  get all the SECRETS in just a few hours that took me years to figure out, apply, master and get right, to  accelerate your life in the right direction!
  •  I left an 11 year relationship believing someone else would make me happy. I dated, had short-term relationships and non of them lasted beyond 2 years.  Living alone, feeling lonely I considered myself single for the next 13 years of my adult life  When my next significant relationship ended I was broken.  Pain as my motivator over the next 7 years I was determined to find my answers, researched and studied the RELATIONSHIP MISTAKES WE MAKE AND WHEY WE MAKE THEM to discover WHAT DOES work to attract my Mr Extraordinary when I was 41 and later married at 47. We now share the most rewarding, loving and happiest relationship of my life we continue to build on as soulmates together.
  •  The insight and knowledge you explore will guide you to RECOGNISE, ATTRACT and BUILD a more deeply connected, loving relationship, to identify if someone new is capable of communicating or expressing emotional intelligence and capable of building the relationship you truly deserve.
  •  Ongoing new program content will be regularly added and updated as you continue  through this program.
  • If you are an ACTION TAKER and commited you will get the RESULTS you truly deserve!  The rest is up to you!
Jo - International Stylist London
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