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Are you  SINGLE and want to attract the love of your life?

Or the clock is ticking to settle down and find Mr Right?

 You want immediate answers how to Recognise, Attract, Find and Build a relationship that can work? 

  • Exhausted of relationships not working or the dating game?  
  • Is the clock ticking for you to settle down and find your Mr Right to have a family with?
  •  You don't want to make the same relationship mistakes again meeting the wrong man.
  •  Fast-track how to Recognise  and  Attract your soulmate, the love of your life.
  •  Understand what it takes to Build a more deeply connected relationship that can work (beyond sex and chemistry). 
  •  Want to become the chooser instead of waiting to be chosen? 
  •  The right man will jump out to you.
  •  Want to accelerate your results?
  •   Listen to  the success stories below.  

Your FREE  7 Day Trial Includes:

  •  60 to 90 minutes of  easy to follow videos and accompanying slides.
  •  Short and simple exercises to navigate around your daily obstacles.
  •  An outline of the full life-changing program and how it will help you.
  •  A few valuable coaching exercises to get you thinking.  

Kate - 39 Fitness Sales Manager, Berks

Deborah - 56 
Mindfulness Teacher, Kent

Have you been SEPARATED or 
DIVORCED a while?

You don't want to make the same relationship mistakes again.

Or your children are getting older and you're feeling lonely? 
  • You are likely to be a single mum or business woman and already divorced a while.
  •  You may not feel ready for a new relationship or even consider dating right now.   
  •  Now is the perfect time to start this program. before you're ready. 
  •  Maybe you are more serious about finding another relationship that can work,  but you keep meeting the wrong men.
  •  Discover the proven, tried and tested knowledge that took me 20 years to figure out so you  don't to fast-track your relationship happiness. 
  •  Listen to what these incredible women have to say about their 2 Day Masterclass- you now have access to online.
Hear Vanessa's 
Success Story
Vanessa - 44,  
Consultant, Bucks 
Vanessa 5 months later!
My Promise
  •  100% money back guarantee! Your Terms and Conditions outline this for you.
  •  Discover your answers in a few hours instead of the 20 years it took me to figure out so you don't have to.
  •  Working with the right qualfied expert.  Accredited Relationship Success and Recovery Coach, Mentor. Experienced Practitioner in the mind, body and energy to fast-track your relationship happiness and success. 
Karen Marshall - 
 Copyright 2017
    •  Perhaps you've been together a while and want to repair what isn't working.  
    •  Before you decide to separate or get divorced you discover new empowering relationship skills to better understand each other. 
    •  Discover your personal communication style to strengthen your connection. 
    •  Explore your deeper needs as men and women to better support each other.
    •  Identify if you both have what it takes to survive!
    •  What you learn will positively impact your children too (if you have a family together). 

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    •  The basic foundation steps necessary to continue this program.
    •  You may already know some of this stuff, but it's a necessary reminder to set you up for success.  
    •  You will gain full access  from Day 7 onwards when your 1st £47 payment is taken (normally £247.00) 
    •   Easy cancellation if you do not wish to progress. See the Terms and Conditions.
    Jo - 45 International Stylist London
    Suzy - 55, Divorce Strategist 
    East Sussex 

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